Radie Visits Maisha Girls Safehouse Nairobi, KE

Sometimes last year I was online chatting with an
American friend visiting Kenya 26 times over 15
years, I think. Kenya and her people are so dear to
her heart. Besides, we share so many common
friends from our past visit way back. She asked me,
“Patrick I’m in Nairobi, would you like me to check
on any project for you?” I immediately said “yes!
Please visit Maisha Girls Safehouse”, a project
introduced to me by a close friend: Fr. Joshua Peters
SJ and has since grown close to my heart. Maisha
houses sexually abused girls between the ages of 11
and 23 years mainly from and around the outskirts
of Nairobi slums.
The stories of these vulnerable girls broke her
heart, she felt overwhelmed by their needs and
concerned about their psychological and emotional
wellbeing. A few months later she decided to do
something to help these girls. Her organization
Hand in Hand Kenya partnered with Ugali Youth
to do a basic needs assessment that took over a
month to understand their struggles. She wanted to
make sure Maisha was an organization she felt
comfortable investing her time and her donor funds

Together we hired Esther Azinga, a loving and
caring mother she had known and trusted from her
many visits to Kenya to carry out the needs
assessment. Just as suspected, the needs were
enormous. The girls had no consistent counseling/
therapy to fight trauma. A small bedroom and three
triple bunkbeds covered in Maasai blankets plus a
baby bed in the walkway is all they had. Their
housing need had grown so quickly that they not
only needed more space but also strengthen their
organizational structure. This would cater for the
high volume of abused teenagers while complying
with the Kenyan laws. ….continue reading