Project 25 Schools in 2020

Project 25 Schools in 2020

Project 25 Schools in 2020

Coach AJ

Our goal is to bring mentoring to 25 schools during 2020. Using a team of ministers and mentors, we seek to help young people rise above their experiences in dysfunctional families. These programs begin by creating a safe place for these youth so that they can learn how to have healthy family relationships, the key to healthy child development and a better future in Kenya.

Today’s youths who are impoverished are faced with so many psychological, emotional and financial life challenges. In the modern world, it has become increasingly difficult for the youth especially in the slums to navigate life. From what we observe daily on the ground, it is clear that there is a great need for effective youth programs to help curb these problems.

In response to these youth’s problems, we brought together a team of youth ministers/mentors who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the youth. Curving a safe space where they are nurtured to be men and women of value in their communities.

Every student wants to have a successful life and is inherently capable of it. The reality is that many kids do not have adults in their lives to help them overcome challenges and achieve their potential. Ugali Youth is calling you to take action today. For:

$30 will provide mentorship for a student for an entire school year.

$50 will provide an educational workshop for 25 students.

$55 can enable a youth facilitator to reach five schools in one month.

$100 provides healthcare and psychosocial therapy for 10 students for one month.