Navigate 360@Mentorship Program

Navigate 360@Mentorship Program

Navigate 360@Mentorship Program

Coach AJ


Navigate 360© occurs during school breaks and is led by Coach AJ. To date, thousands of young people have had their lives touched through this program. Students share their personal stories of hardship, their techniques for resilience and plans for “beating the odds” of their life challenges. They also work together to break life problems down into solvable pieces, learning from each other in the process.


There is nothing more joyful than witnessing the the faces of young men and women awakening to the realization of their power and worth despite the adversities they have encountered in life. The young attendees get the opportunity to share their personal stories of unimaginable hardships, how they try to beat the odds, share their techniques of resilience, and how they plan to beat their predicaments. They collectively share and work on challenges that each participant provides by breaking the problem into solvable pieces, thus helping and learning from each other. The spirit of Ubuntu at its best!

We believe that EVERY CHILD is of great worth and has the desire and potential to succeed. Confidence is the self-worth they feel and carry into their everyday situations. We also believe that inviting you to COLLABORATE yields the best long-term results, acknowledging that the complex work in our Ugali Youth centers cannot be done single handedly. Your gift of:

$30 will provide mentorship for a student for an entire school year.

$50 will provide an educational workshop for 25 students.

$55 can enable a youth facilitator to reach five schools in one month.