Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp

Ugali Youth finds that young people need both formal and informal mentoring to achieve success in life. Formal mentoring occurs through camps, seminars, or other training that equip children and youth with leadership and life skills they need to discover their purpose. Informal mentoring fosters relationships with trusted adults who can guide them and encourage them.

Studies proven that mentoring youth can result in positive outcomes associated with academic achievement, physical health, socio-emotional competence, and improved decision-making skills and goal-setting self-efficacy. However, naturally occurring mentoring relationships may not be easily accessible for many youths. Millions of youth are projected to reach adulthood without having a mentor who will support, guide, and help them traverse both challenges and opportunities they face during adolescence with ease.

Our leadership mentoring program is for individuals who wish to make a positive difference in the lives of the youth in their communities

Camps, seminars, trainings, etc equip youth with leadership and life skills they need to discover purpose, develop power and build platforms that are very important to aid success in life.

Ugali uses Informal mentoring which has little structure and is based upon the chemistry and relationship between two people. Informal mentoring is bound together by the social and emotional ties between two people and tends to branch into a long-term friendship. There usually is no expert training material involved and the faith based mentoring directly benefits the life of the mentee. Both of these types of mentoring are equally important for the youth. Formal mentoring is typically beneficial as an adult, while informal mentoring is mostly tied to positive youth development.

The success of Ugali Youth depends on volunteers just like you. Our success is contingent upon your participation. Help Ugali youth build life changing relationships and improve access to leadership training opportunities to the Kenyan youth. For:

$30 will provide mentorship for a student for an entire school year.

$50 will provide an educational workshop for 25 students for one year.

$55 can enable a youth facilitator to reach five schools in one month.

$100 provides healthcare and psychosocial therapy for 10 students for one month.


Building character and life skills grounded on:

  1. Clear Vision
    Thinking and dreaming of your future. 
  2. positive Courage
    Standing up for what you believe in. 
  3. mutual Respect
    Treating yourself and others well. 
  4. unconditional Caring
    Being kind and helping others. 
  5. Personal Responsibility
    Doing what you need to do. 
  6. Positive Work Ethic
    Working hard and doing a good job. 
  7. Personal Integrity
    Honesty, honor, and keeping your word
  • AJ facilitating Mentorship program at Angata Boys High School-Southern Kenya.