Our Adopt-A-School program is a partnership between local and international communities, businesses, organizations and other entities that make a difference in the lives of our students.

The program is about finding ways for our local and international communities to support our schools and, in turn, benefit our teachers, staff and – ultimately, and most importantly of all – our students. Our partners serve as a cornerstone for our students and staff in multiple ways, including:

  • Sponsoring field trips, projects or contests
  • Promoting academic or social programs
  • Supporting after-school clubs, groups and teams
  • Mentoring or tutoring students both individually or in small groups
  • Honoring students and/or staff for their achievements
  • Fundraising for school supplies and other classroom needs

Why adopt a school:

Schools in low-income communities are some of the most strong ethical, moral and physical growth foundation for most vulnerable children outside their home. These places are safe havens for these children because they spend most of their time there while their parents are out fending for them. These educational centers mainly offer subsidized to free education, free and safe daycare, nutritional meals, mainly better than what their parents would fend to feed them. Above all, they offer safe spaces for these kids to be mentored, counseled, make friends, play and pray.

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see – John F. Kennedy

Adopters role

Businesses or international schools that target one school or one program participate by adopting an individual campus or initiative. Adoptions are tailored to suit each business and school, depending on the company’s resources and the school’s needs. Often activities include supporting with school supplies like uniforms, balls, shoes, mentoring, science, math or history fairs and sponsorship of field trips or after-school projects etc.

Adopters often provide the “educational extras” that a campus might need but not traditionally afford. From reading to students, tutoring those who need extra assistance, or running a field day; adults in these communities already give their time and attention to students on the campus their businesses support.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help Ugali Youth, reach youths and families in need:

  • Make a donation online to
  • Host a fundraising project with your church, business, family or community
  • Become a Ugali Youth Storyteller to promote awareness and education of the Ugali youth.
  • Become a Ugali Youth prayer partner
  • Host a Ugali youth Story party in your home

Your support to Ugali ensures that we have the resources to connect students with the supplies they deserve to succeed.

$25 enables a student to receive after-school tutoring for a month.

$50 will provide a student with required school uniform, socks, shoes, and undergarments.

$55 will provide textbooks for an elementary school student for a year.

$100 provides healthcare and psychosocial therapy for 10 students for one month.

$120 will provide Elementary Education sponsorship for one student per term (semester).

$200 will pay tuition for one High School student per academic term (semester).

$500 supports one month of 25 students group after-school tutoring.


Become a Mentor: Spend some time getting to know youth in need of a friend and positive role model.

Volunteer Your Time: Volunteer at the Nuru Center

Advocate For Us: Help youth find answers and purpose in life.

Work With Us: Share your skills/talents to help us with day-to-day operations.