Steve Kariithi


Steve Kariithi is married to Joyce Kariithi and together they take care of 15 children. He was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya where he has lived most of his life. His parents named him after Steve Biko, the South African anti-apartheid activist. He became a different type of activist. As a young boy, he used to want to be one of two things, a preacher or a president. His mum tells him that he would stand on a table and imitate the great preachers of the time. He is now a pastor, taking after his parents who have pastored two churches in Mathare since 1990. He grew up in a middle income household but since his parents were working in Mathare, one of the oldest informal settlements in East Africa, he was always exposed to poverty and the effects in has on communities. It is in that space that he developed his faith, discovered his purpose and learnt how to serve.

At the end of 1999 after graduating from high school he started as a volunteer at a Compassion International child development centre in Mathare, Since then, he has worked with different organizations that serve children and youth. During this time he developed four core beliefs that guide his work.

First, he believes that God created all things with a purpose and that connecting to that purpose gives us the greatest fulfilment in life.

Second, he believes that people should have the power to pursue their purpose and to fulfil their dreams.

Third, he believes that love and knowledge empowers people and equips them to transform their world.

Four, he believes that we have a responsibility not just for our own lives, but to use what we have to make a difference in their lives of others.

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