David Omondi Okoth


David Omondi is the acting president and head coach of Jump Rope Association of Kenya. Currently he is the jump rope coach and founding member of both the Jump Rope Association of Kenya [JRAK] and Kenya Jump Rope Federation [KJRF]. As a trained peer youth educator, he has been full-time dedicated to the formation of youthful change-agents for close to a decade.  David is passionately engaged in both school-based and informal programmes designed to transform the next gen children/ youths through using jump rope-skipping skills.

His desire is to use professionalism and rope-skipping skills as a tool to mobilize and harness youths’ creative potential. Today, the program  has represented Kenya in the 2013, 2017 World Jump Rope Championship in Orlando, Florida as well as in the 2018 championships in Oslo, Norway. With your help, spreading jump-rope skill to other  institutions across Kenya is a task he is dedicated to undertake . Please join him in reaching more young people through supporting this positive program.