Coach AJ


Augustine James, popularly known by the youth as Coach AJ runs a year-round program that equips youth to learn, thrive, connect and contribute throughout their lives. Working close with the youth has enabled him build a strong relationships through caring, commitment, responsiveness and mutual respect. He was called to work with these youth because young people throughout Kenya face incredible challenges and life-threatening risks on a daily basis.

His question has always been. “What could these young people accomplish if they were allowed to unlock their full potential?” There is no doubt that the youth are the pillars that give hope, continuity and future sustenance in every community if nurtured well. Coach AJ is dedicated to being part of bringing good to these youth and their communities.

With that said, AJ has given talks in hundreds of schools, churches and also organized tailor-made programs to cater to specific needs of various youth in his community in the past seven years. His work is strengthened from collaboration with local and county government, nonprofit organizations, business, the faith community, local and higher education schools, parents and awesome volunteers. Hence prompting him to find the group  YASA®️ (YOUNG AND SET APART), a transformative youth program that runs during school holidays and ONE FAMILY MISSIONS®️ that does a variety of programs in schools around Kenya. This has enable him reach needy youth, and through your support, he believes that together we could reach as many youth as possible.