A Word of Gratitude from Fr. Joshua Peters, SJ to Friends and Network

To Those Whom I Love,

Six months ago today I was ordained a Catholic priest… yes… you read that correctly! Don’t know about you, but it does not feel like it was half a year ago. Time moves strangely these days.

Needless to say, it has been QUITE a year for all of us! It is my rookie year as a priest and things are going well at Christ the King and St. Suzanne/ OLGH parishes in NW Detroit. I have jumped right in and have been blessed already by the people of God. I am amazed at how much I love being a priest. Masses, funerals, reconciliation, wedding prep, baptisms, praying with people is incredible and gives me a lot of energy. I love being in Detroit. Huge bonus!

I want to sincerely thank you for your prayers and for your support, especially in this past year and half as I stepped into a new chapter of my life as a Jesuit.

You may recall that my diaconate ordination took place on 19 October 2019 in California. The link to the photos is no longer available, but a sampling of them is below.

My priestly ordination took place on 20 June 2020 at Ss. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church in Detroit, MI. Here’s a direct link to the video of the ordination liturgy that was recorded that day. FYI, there’s a download button (a little box with an arrow) on the lower right of the video window. https://jesuits.wistia.com/medias/9zm18cjrgg

Below is the private link to all of my priestly ordination photos from the UMI Province. There are many images (406 in total!) and they give you sense for the experience from the inside of that wonderful day.

One caveat about the link: it is “private”, and the photos can only be seen by those who have this link: https://midwestjesuits.smugmug.com/Ordinations-Province-Days/Ordination-2020-All-Photos/n-mzqWK8/

This is the note from “Q,” our communications director:

Our photo site works like most others you are familiar with. Simply scroll through the galleries; when you see a thumbnail that you like, click it and a larger photo will appear. Click the photo to see the larger image. Note: below the photo(s) you’ll see a small arrow pointing down– this is for downloading to your computer or device. Or, you may right-click to copy, or save. That’s it.

I had grand plans to write individual thank you letters but have not gotten very far with my plan. I’ll get there little by little. In the meantime, know that I am praying for you and your family and that I am incredibly grateful to God for you.

Happy Advent, Merry Christmas, and Be Blessed y’all,

Fr. Joshua M. Peters, SJ