Why Ugali Youth?

Why Ugali Youth?

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However, ugali is not a meal by itself but is served together with traditional vegetables, different kinds of meat and sauces. Ugali Youth Organization is the ‘meal’ that is being dished out to the needy youth. We seek to replenish vulnerable youth in our society by meeting them at the point of their deepest needs. Since ugali needs to be accompanied by stew, meat or vegetables, our partners, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders are the ‘stew’ needed to make us complete so that we can collectively be able to fully meet the needs of the vulnerable youth in the various projects represented here.

Hence, Ugali Youth organization welcomes you to connect with the beauty and joy in the hearts of an African people living in a small country called Kenya, Eastern Africa. A nation blessed with a vibrant youth population always ready to welcome and receive its visitors as gifts. These youth’s excitement is heartfelt and intentions pure, even as they struggle to find their rightful place in our fast-paced world today. To them, visitors are always a blessing, and in return, blessed with their engaging eyes, embracing arms, hands ready to serve and most important a resilient spirit that calls forth in welcome.

Ugali invites you to encounter these youth in their communities and help them expand their boundaries by allowing them to dream beyond their wildest dreams by helping them positively explore their constrained realities. A life pegged against the harsh, stunting realities of poverty and dysfunctional systems they encounter every day. With your support as a vital tool, Ugali seeks to rekindle their youthful exuberance that yields from their point of eagerness, purity and innocence yearning to inspire and convert the cynicism of a burdened generation.

Ugali sees you as a conduit, a resource that could merge with these youth’s dreams to help expand their world. In return, this may be a life-changing experience to you, if humble enough to soak in how blessed you are in terms of resources. It is, therefore our prayer that the dual mutuality of this relationship will lead to something greater and bigger than ourselves.

There is no doubt that their world is changing so fast before their eyes, and even though they see the outward appearances of things change, the fight is in their inner dimensions stemming from self-resist compounded by cultural differences. Their traditions are released slowly as new modes evolve and take root in their midst. All these explosive changes result in fractured spirits, major gender role shifts that leave deep confusion and a longing for a rooted existence in self. A theme Ugali Youth is hoping to illuminate while helping these youth transitions in between the two worlds with ease.

You are therefore invited to join Ugali Youth give these youth a glimpse of a panoramic picture of a hopeful life. Your encouragement and support will help them realize that their dreams are valid and valued. Valid because they are human and valued because the future of their communities depends and belongs to them. Please help Ugali reach these unbroken youth before they lose their naiveté or purity, before their simplicity is marred by thick darkness that wound their souls. These are just not poor youth doomed to oblivion, but Africa’s gift to the world. Please allow yourself to see their faces, to know them and maybe you will change them, if not yourself. Please consider sharing your gifts by being part of the big Ugali Youth family.

For Kenyan young people, Ugali Youth is the organization that serves as the “staple food” to nurture them into adulthood. But just as the ugali meal also offers vegetables, meats and sauces, we need our partners, volunteers, donors and others to come alongside us to offer them a life of hope. And, just as the ugali meal is a collective effort, where the contributions of all are valued, when you join with Ugali Youth, you help build relationships that will bring Kenyan youth to a bright future.

Our prayer is that as you partner with us in serving the youth of Kenya, you will know the shared blessing of ugali.

Asante Sana!